Ok so…. am back!! Yeah took me ages to write again! Let’s just say I had few really busy weeks And I was simply unmotivated to write again!! My mind took off on me and  my brain hit the “Airplane mode” !!

But I am committed to write again…..

 Ok so lately I’ve been getting vibes about holographic things !! I don’t know why but I have a feeling this will be a big hit soon! Am on the lookout for it…..

I would describe this trend to be very mermaid style, galaxy and Shiny reflective stuff! 



And me being a Pisces I just loveeeeeee it…

I am looking forward to this trend seriously and I wonder how the desi fashion industry will go on about it…..

Peace ✌️💋


DIY-Humidifier !! #TriedandTested

Hey 👋…….
I quickly wanted to stop by and post about this very inexpensive diy hack!! For a humidifier!! And it really works…. I have this bag in my room for over two months now and It is the reason how I sleep soundly at night! Without waking up in the middle of night feeling dehydrated, short on breath and anxious!!

Basically during winters, Air gets dry and loses  moisture and people with small or irritated nasal passage! Find themselves waking up at night with a dry itch in their throat and find it difficult to breath! 

I am one of these people! I would wake up around 4 or 5 am in the middle of the night unable to relax and breath through my nose and itchy or uncomfortable breathing through my mouth because my throats would be dry as hell!!!
So my sister told me you need to get a humidifier! And then I remembered somewhere reading about a DIY humidifier!!

With all the random dIYezzz ! Popping up…. I came across one….so… Saw this item list on this one…. and I hit BINGO! On the checklist…..

I mean… the checklist included of just two things… which I happened to have at that very moment!!

A.Big Sponge.

B.Big Plastic Seal Bag

Sooooo.what I had to do was just to wet the sponge…Place it in Plastic seal bag! And poke around 15-20 hole in the bag… and place it somewhere in my bedroom…

And you don’t even need to wet it again….Every night! I almost forget it even there!! 

The moment when you can’t believe it would be this easy…..

I know I should get a proper electrical humidifier!!! But HELLOOOO….

THERE’s nothing wrong with this one… I don’t care to be judged:D

Try it…..

And if this helps you tooo…. 

let me know in the comments section….

 BeautyBreakdown _Best of Drugstore!

Hey All, 

As requested by all who’ve been reading my blog to write on Drugstore beauty buys, So after extensive Research I have short listed a few items, In each category !!phew I did it…😅 

I have included Beauty Brands like L’Oréal,  Maybelline , Rimmel, Max factor , bourjois , Gosh , Catrice, Essence , Revlon , Color studio, Makeup Revolution, Luscious and many more. Basically All brands you see in your local stores,supermarkets and Online. 

I prefer to do all my Drugstore makeup shopping at Sensations and Naheed Supermarket just because it always nicely stocked, not too crowded and their Displays are temptingly Engaging😍, Oh yes! 

I also occasionally visit this local store by the name Vicky’s at khada market! Only when I can’t find what am looking for at Naheed Supermarket or Sensations, Although this little store is always over crowed with staff and people But this store is decked up in products and the staff ladies won’t ever leave you unattended they keep coming to you with so many suggestions , and you get into buying a thing or two! You don’t need.😖😤

But sometimes I do buy stuff online from brands which I can’t find here in local store , Brands like…

  • NYX 
  •  L.A GIRL
  • ELF 


Cosmetic 🌎 facebook

Indelath facebook page


Makeup and accessories facebook

Cosmetic candy facebook

Just for girls

I started experimenting and taking Makeup up seriously. When I watched the drama Ishq e Mamnu! The highlighted under eyes and cheekbones made me wanna try it out on my ownself. I remember going to Naheed and asking the ladies there for a lipgloss wand “style” liquid Concealer!!😅 oh man!! Returned home with lightest shade of a small pot powder concealer. 😂 

Anyways it’s how I found out about Highlighting and Contouring initially!!

First item on the list……..

Skincare products are as important as makeup! For a flawless finish your skin shud be clear of all impurities and dead skin. Cleansing daily is a must and my personal favourite is the nivea cleanser…


Moisturise skin before Makeup to hydrate and smoothen texture.


It is kinda like a pre makeup base which helps fill up pores fine lines only till wash your face, of course.😔so that your Foundation applies seamlessly.Important if your event is for longer. Factors to look for when buying one. For large pores and fine lines buy one which has silicone in it. Hydrating one for dry skin, Colour correcting one if you have uneven skin tone it will help neutralise the skin tone. Matifying one if you have very oil skin. They say also check for glycerin in it. The more the it has glycerine the better your makeup will stick to it.(Heard that when nikkietutorials started promoting NIVIEA aftershave balm. I have combination skin oily , with few dry areas with large pores. I prefer using a primer that minimises the appearance of pores and use a matifying makeup setting spray.But I personally don’t wear primer when going out casually.

Color correcting is a very important step for balancing the dark circles pigmentation dullness and acne. 🍏Green [can❌cels] 🍎 redness 🍊orange [corre✅ctors]🌚darkness These are the two most used correctors.


Foundation most important element of your makeup #fakeup. Foundation comes in many forms liquid, mousse,Compact powder. Liquid foundation is important above all. Foundation has two kinds of finish with dewy or Matt. I prefer Matt cause I have very oily cheeks and nose. Compact I use for regular day time makeup.

Concealer should be a perfect match to you foundation but if your are using it got highlight get 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation shade. If you are using it two cover acne or dark spots or dark circles It should be thick in consistency I believe so that with a little application you can get full coverage.

I use Cream and powder both. Highlight & Contour was a game changer for me. Creams first then powder, I am still learning though.

Must have for baking YO!Face👊🏻.translucent loose powder. Melts into your skin adding a layer of colour less coverage without looking cakey , it traps makeup from moving all day.

For heavy coverage! Use a compact powder for setting Your Base.

Eyeshadow primer Must have honestly. Eyeshadow primer is a eyeshadow base which locks 🔐 in eyeshades and help boost pigmentation Making the colour show up vivid. But these things have low self life around 6months invest in small size if you don’t wear eyeshades on a daily base.Either use a white jumbo pencil,concealer or just your foundation. They work fine as well. But you need to get a glitter primer if you like working with glitter ✨ pigments.

Eyeshadow One should have bunch of basic eyeshadow kits in their vanities. Matt eyeshadow (necessity) In shades of black,grey, browns,whites,reds ,mustard and ochers. In a palette or loose. Shimmer eyeshadow (necessity). Whites,pearls,sands,gold and silvers.In a palette or loose. Loose glitter /Foiled eyeshadow (festive) Gold and silver.In a palette or loose. Colourful eyeshadow 🎨 If you like vibrant colours on your eyes I suggest getting only These shades pinks,purples,greens and blues try getting them all in a kit.My favourite is this NUDETUDE the balm palette.

Best thing invented in new age Makeup.After completing your make up before you apply your lashes and lipstick spritz this it will blend all that #fake up into one solid layer.

All these brush set, Have everything from blending to buffing! Must have!!Especially the beauty sponge and the Bh COSMETICS 7pcs Brush Set

Tried and tested best makeup removers! Out there!

Brutal Review! 3.5⭐️⭐️⭐️✨- Huda beauty RoseGold Textured Eyeshadow palette.

Hey all!,

I know that you all have been eagerly waiting to read this….As I promised ! This blog will be all about my current obsession over the Rosegold textured eyeshadow palette by none other than the most famous Asian Beauty blogger out there.

Queen 🐝 of the Middle East!!

 HUDA KATAN !!!! Yeah you got that ,Right!!
Love this lady so much!! Her video on “how I started “what made me start writing my own blog!! I’ll link the video down below.It mite just inspire you guys as well.

Huda beauty-how I started

Ok moving on!…..

I bought the palette about the time it first released in ME Sephora!! Got it online through a online Makeup page! Indleath (page owner:Ambreen Shah). I’ve always had a pleasant experience shopping through her page.

I was caught in confusion wether to buy this palette or ABH’s Modern Renaissance.

The Colors in both the palette were very similar! But the only thing different was the foil textured eyeshadows!! Which became the real reason for me to take the plunge! And go for RoseGold. 

So time for swatches now….


Sorry 😐 I tried my best! Excuse my almost invisible swatches! This was my 1st time trying to swatch any palette and capturing shots afterwards. It was a wrestle! 💪 I was shooting with my iPad single handedly ! I was really difficult managing the two….Next time I’ ll do better I swear!

Here have a look a these pretty decent quality of swatches…..(thank you!Pintrest)

Now time for the Actual Review………

After swatching the palette and thinking to Review it this is the first time I realised that all the negativity going around for this palette are in fact right. Considering the chalky-ness! And the stay power.

I started off doing one eye.picture below👇.

Please, bear in mind I m not a professional MUA(makeup artist) I was just trying out the shades checking how they blend!

I started off by priming my eye with…..Mac!! Soft ochre (Paint pot)

Eyeshadows listed below in order of use…. 

  1. Bae …to set primer
  2. Sandalwood….as transition shade.
  3. Henna on top to further darken.
  4. Then I added Flamingo as a second transition Color but it didn’t show like I imagined it to..the pigmentation showed amazingly on the brush to eye.. but then after blending it faded away.
  5. Later I darkened the outer corner with coco.
  6. Added Fling(textured eye shadow) on my eye lid for that pop of foiled shadow.
  7. Ended the look with Inglot gel eyeliner #77.

Ok so now for what I really think about the shadows is that they do blend well and very smoothly. But my excitement faded when I used the vibrant colours such as Flamingo. This shadow look so impressive but when used together with other shadows it looses pigmentation , and doesn’t stand out individually. I have always felt this way about Flamingo particularly.And the textured foiled shades loose there foiled vibrance after a while as they dry out to a powdery finish!Applying them is also a hassel! When trying to build up the intensity they start looking flakey and crumble aswell!!And smoothing out is difficult because you are using your fingers.

*update… today I used it again felt as if my foiled shadows were drying out.They were not as smooth and buttery like I used them first time.

The chalky factor could be due to the fact that the formula doesn’t include Talc in it, which actually is amazing and a great effort by Huda considering how hazardous it is to health and sadly all high end brands are using it, what’s scares me is the amount of talc I inhale during baking my Makeup! Yeah that Laura mercier translucent powder you use has TALC in it.

So that’s one more reason why I took this palette because it’s talc free and it’s made in Italy 🇮🇹 ! !!! 

 so coming back to the topic!! If you are planing on getting the HUDABEAUTY ROSEGOLD PALETTE!! You should know that you just mite not like it…. 

I would rate the palette 3.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ over all.

💄BeautyBreakdown-What’s in my Makeup Bag💋

Hey lovely ppl….

I am loving this blogging thing so Much! That I just can’t stop sharing stuff with you guys!! 👯👯

If you wanna know what carry in my Makeup up bag! Then keep reading…

I take my Makeup up bag every where I go! It’s always in my bag 💼.

I keep only the basics. 

I apply and blend everything by hand..

🌝Primer: step 1 primer from mufe in black. It keeps me from getting oily.
🌞BB CREAM: I don’t use but its there always. Bought this travel size from Tarte.

⛅️Concealer: I can’t live with out…. I normally just use this Maybelline Age rewind in the shade Brightener and nothing else for the face.
 But not all over the face just under eyes, chin and nose. 

✨Highlight: I keep this travel size benefit girl meets pearl.

🌷Blush: Dandelion blush from Benefit and a eco tool kabuki brush.

👀Eyes:Eyebrow gel from essence,Mascara from mac,smoky eye pencil in brown from essence,stila liquid eyeliner in black and Gosh cream eyeshadow stick in the shade 2.

👄Lips:Mac lipstick in the shade Mehr and lip pencil in Soar.

    ✌️This is all what I rely on… I never pack anything else.

    #FoodFuse__How to treat sinusitis 🍵

    I suffer from serious sinusitis!! Every time I catch a cold. It triggers my sinusitis .Some times my sinusitis remains even after taking all the prescribed medications. In a way that my nasal passage gets clogged and I get severe migraines with this unbearable aching pressure between my eyebrows while prostrating🙇🏻‍♀️.

    I have tried all home remedies for treating sinusitis. 

    Nothing seemed to work…

    Last year when I had this I tried drinking apple cider vinegar + cayenne pepper and a bunch of other spices to cure my sinusitis it tasted so acidic I couldn’t take it again after one time.
    This year again with the start of winters a caught a cold and sinusitis hit me again I took my course of antibiotics immediately + antihistamines but they failed to get rid of blocked nasal symptoms I was really getting annoyed 😒 So the other day I was discussing it with my sisters and they both advices me to have chicken broth with veggies. A clear soup infused with green chilli with a hint of lemon juice.

    🔼Green chilli infused clear chicken soup  has beetroot and spinach in it.

    So tried that each time I would put in different veggies and have it first thing in the morning. With that I also took…..

    A boiled egg. I had these two in a combination every morning at breakfast! For a week and today is the 9th day I had it.

    I wld have around 2-3 cups of this clear soup 🍵 through out the day. Replaced my caffeine intake with this.

    And successfully now my nasal passage is no longer clogged…. nor am I having crazy headaches while moving my head or going out going or sitting in the A/c 🙏.

    It’s all better….. with this power combination I have treated my sinus infection for good.


    So the other day paid a visit to Neco’s cafe and store. I have always loved stopping by their small shop at @dolmenmall. Right where you enter from after parking in basement 1 I believe …. I always check up on Neco’s before leaving and take a good couple of minutes to look around and memorise what crazy organic oils and herbs they bring in from time to time, just in case if I ever really need to buy something like say “tea tree oil” for perhaps any DIY FACE MASK! I come across online…. or after watching any of @Farahdukhai diy beauty hacks.🙈 to be honest I’ve tried at couple of them!!! Loved the fenugreek one! She did to calm down face redness.It gave me that goldenish glow. Better than applying “Ubtan”.

    Anyways so as it’s obvious am a sucker for organic solutions to all my skincare problems.

    ⬆️ above picture is taken from Neco’s facebook page.

    I came across this soap brand…..



    Moving on…….. to the bar of soap!

    The label says it’s handmade with Natural ingredients…(convincing enough)!! And the Fact a reputable store like Neco’s is backing them.💆🏻

    So I got two of their soaps.

    One is an Activated Charcoal soap bar…..ACTIVATED anything Charcoal-ish………is  #IN✌️️. Globally these days. Cost per bar Rs.400.

    Second one was their Strawberry 🍓 Soap. Cost per bar Rs.300.

    I am trying out the Charcoal bar these days it does feel refreshing and has a minty smell. It’s been only two days I started using it in shower! And I am happy the purchase. 

    The only thing which worries me that one of their many ingredients is castor oil….. I hope I don’t grow a beard after using it. 


    Take care, I hope you enjoyed reading this…… 


    Final verdict on the Charcoal bar…

    The charcoal bar melted away in a weeks time😑… but using it till that time really showed a difference in my skin! It was brighter and supple!! 

    Would I buy it again?


    Pointers for next time…
    Cut small bars of the soap! Store in a small container rather than a soap dish!!

    Strawberry bar…

    Still using it ! 

    It’s good too 😊 and I cut small bars and that is helping it last longer… one week and m still on my 1st bars… 1 would last another week.

    You can take out around 3 avg sized bars from it!



    Hey all!
    Back again this time I’ll be discussing what’s trending in street style right now.

    With the motto in mind…….

    Lol”…… that’s what I go by!! So if you are anything like me and are totally bored with the same old printed Kurtis and tops!!!then take a look at the following trends before you go shopping this season.
    Following pictures that I have posted here are only taken to give inspiration.



    🐅 Stripes in all manners from straights ,horizontals , diagonal,abstract and colours is the latest trend.

    Sapphire has so really cool retro prints In store and stripes are a major part of them….

    You can buy striped fabric as well and get something cool stitched from you tailor. I personally and so obsessed with stripes  I have gotten materials from “Kurtaba Market” and got them stitched from my tailor.

    Second most trending fashion going around is mainly international but some designers here have also took notice and have come up with with their version such as Sammy.k!! She’s my fav designer this season I plan to shop form her store this entire season.



    Denim makes a comeback every year here in winters. This time again it’s so back In….check out Sammy.k, BoHo, khaadi and threads for your denim obsession.

    #Whatthetrend—METALIC SHOES 👠

    Another trend that’s been catching my eyes lately are metallic shoes. Specially if in gold.

    These slip on’s are from a local designer. Cocoon by Amna barber.

    That’s about it