So the other day paid a visit to Neco’s cafe and store. I have always loved stopping by their small shop at @dolmenmall. Right where you enter from after parking in basement 1 I believe …. I always check up on Neco’s before leaving and take a good couple of minutes to look around and memorise what crazy organic oils and herbs they bring in from time to time, just in case if I ever really need to buy something like say “tea tree oil” for perhaps any DIY FACE MASK! I come across online…. or after watching any of @Farahdukhai diy beauty hacks.🙈 to be honest I’ve tried at couple of them!!! Loved the fenugreek one! She did to calm down face redness.It gave me that goldenish glow. Better than applying “Ubtan”.

Anyways so as it’s obvious am a sucker for organic solutions to all my skincare problems.

⬆️ above picture is taken from Neco’s facebook page.

I came across this soap brand…..



Moving on…….. to the bar of soap!

The label says it’s handmade with Natural ingredients…(convincing enough)!! And the Fact a reputable store like Neco’s is backing them.💆🏻

So I got two of their soaps.

One is an Activated Charcoal soap bar…..ACTIVATED anything Charcoal-ish………is  #IN✌️️. Globally these days. Cost per bar Rs.400.

Second one was their Strawberry 🍓 Soap. Cost per bar Rs.300.

I am trying out the Charcoal bar these days it does feel refreshing and has a minty smell. It’s been only two days I started using it in shower! And I am happy the purchase. 

The only thing which worries me that one of their many ingredients is castor oil….. I hope I don’t grow a beard after using it. 


Take care, I hope you enjoyed reading this…… 


Final verdict on the Charcoal bar…

The charcoal bar melted away in a weeks time😑… but using it till that time really showed a difference in my skin! It was brighter and supple!! 

Would I buy it again?


Pointers for next time…
Cut small bars of the soap! Store in a small container rather than a soap dish!!

Strawberry bar…

Still using it ! 

It’s good too 😊 and I cut small bars and that is helping it last longer… one week and m still on my 1st bars… 1 would last another week.

You can take out around 3 avg sized bars from it!


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