#FoodFuse__How to treat sinusitis 🍵

I suffer from serious sinusitis!! Every time I catch a cold. It triggers my sinusitis .Some times my sinusitis remains even after taking all the prescribed medications. In a way that my nasal passage gets clogged and I get severe migraines with this unbearable aching pressure between my eyebrows while prostrating🙇🏻‍♀️.

I have tried all home remedies for treating sinusitis. 

Nothing seemed to work…

Last year when I had this I tried drinking apple cider vinegar + cayenne pepper and a bunch of other spices to cure my sinusitis it tasted so acidic I couldn’t take it again after one time.
This year again with the start of winters a caught a cold and sinusitis hit me again I took my course of antibiotics immediately + antihistamines but they failed to get rid of blocked nasal symptoms I was really getting annoyed 😒 So the other day I was discussing it with my sisters and they both advices me to have chicken broth with veggies. A clear soup infused with green chilli with a hint of lemon juice.

🔼Green chilli infused clear chicken soup  has beetroot and spinach in it.

So tried that each time I would put in different veggies and have it first thing in the morning. With that I also took…..

A boiled egg. I had these two in a combination every morning at breakfast! For a week and today is the 9th day I had it.

I wld have around 2-3 cups of this clear soup 🍵 through out the day. Replaced my caffeine intake with this.

And successfully now my nasal passage is no longer clogged…. nor am I having crazy headaches while moving my head or going out going or sitting in the A/c 🙏.

It’s all better….. with this power combination I have treated my sinus infection for good.


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