Brutal Review! 3.5⭐️⭐️⭐️✨- Huda beauty RoseGold Textured Eyeshadow palette.

Hey all!,

I know that you all have been eagerly waiting to read this….As I promised ! This blog will be all about my current obsession over the Rosegold textured eyeshadow palette by none other than the most famous Asian Beauty blogger out there.

Queen 🐝 of the Middle East!!

 HUDA KATAN !!!! Yeah you got that ,Right!!
Love this lady so much!! Her video on “how I started “what made me start writing my own blog!! I’ll link the video down below.It mite just inspire you guys as well.

Huda beauty-how I started

Ok moving on!…..

I bought the palette about the time it first released in ME Sephora!! Got it online through a online Makeup page! Indleath (page owner:Ambreen Shah). I’ve always had a pleasant experience shopping through her page.

I was caught in confusion wether to buy this palette or ABH’s Modern Renaissance.

The Colors in both the palette were very similar! But the only thing different was the foil textured eyeshadows!! Which became the real reason for me to take the plunge! And go for RoseGold. 

So time for swatches now….


Sorry 😐 I tried my best! Excuse my almost invisible swatches! This was my 1st time trying to swatch any palette and capturing shots afterwards. It was a wrestle! 💪 I was shooting with my iPad single handedly ! I was really difficult managing the two….Next time I’ ll do better I swear!

Here have a look a these pretty decent quality of swatches…..(thank you!Pintrest)

Now time for the Actual Review………

After swatching the palette and thinking to Review it this is the first time I realised that all the negativity going around for this palette are in fact right. Considering the chalky-ness! And the stay power.

I started off doing one eye.picture below👇.

Please, bear in mind I m not a professional MUA(makeup artist) I was just trying out the shades checking how they blend!

I started off by priming my eye with…..Mac!! Soft ochre (Paint pot)

Eyeshadows listed below in order of use…. 

  1. Bae …to set primer
  2. Sandalwood….as transition shade.
  3. Henna on top to further darken.
  4. Then I added Flamingo as a second transition Color but it didn’t show like I imagined it to..the pigmentation showed amazingly on the brush to eye.. but then after blending it faded away.
  5. Later I darkened the outer corner with coco.
  6. Added Fling(textured eye shadow) on my eye lid for that pop of foiled shadow.
  7. Ended the look with Inglot gel eyeliner #77.

Ok so now for what I really think about the shadows is that they do blend well and very smoothly. But my excitement faded when I used the vibrant colours such as Flamingo. This shadow look so impressive but when used together with other shadows it looses pigmentation , and doesn’t stand out individually. I have always felt this way about Flamingo particularly.And the textured foiled shades loose there foiled vibrance after a while as they dry out to a powdery finish!Applying them is also a hassel! When trying to build up the intensity they start looking flakey and crumble aswell!!And smoothing out is difficult because you are using your fingers.

*update… today I used it again felt as if my foiled shadows were drying out.They were not as smooth and buttery like I used them first time.

The chalky factor could be due to the fact that the formula doesn’t include Talc in it, which actually is amazing and a great effort by Huda considering how hazardous it is to health and sadly all high end brands are using it, what’s scares me is the amount of talc I inhale during baking my Makeup! Yeah that Laura mercier translucent powder you use has TALC in it.

So that’s one more reason why I took this palette because it’s talc free and it’s made in Italy 🇮🇹 ! !!! 

 so coming back to the topic!! If you are planing on getting the HUDABEAUTY ROSEGOLD PALETTE!! You should know that you just mite not like it…. 

I would rate the palette 3.5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️✨ over all.

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