BeautyBreakdown _Best of Drugstore!

Hey All, 

As requested by all who’ve been reading my blog to write on Drugstore beauty buys, So after extensive Research I have short listed a few items, In each category !!phew I did it…😅 

I have included Beauty Brands like L’Oréal,  Maybelline , Rimmel, Max factor , bourjois , Gosh , Catrice, Essence , Revlon , Color studio, Makeup Revolution, Luscious and many more. Basically All brands you see in your local stores,supermarkets and Online. 

I prefer to do all my Drugstore makeup shopping at Sensations and Naheed Supermarket just because it always nicely stocked, not too crowded and their Displays are temptingly Engaging😍, Oh yes! 

I also occasionally visit this local store by the name Vicky’s at khada market! Only when I can’t find what am looking for at Naheed Supermarket or Sensations, Although this little store is always over crowed with staff and people But this store is decked up in products and the staff ladies won’t ever leave you unattended they keep coming to you with so many suggestions , and you get into buying a thing or two! You don’t need.😖😤

But sometimes I do buy stuff online from brands which I can’t find here in local store , Brands like…

  • NYX 
  •  L.A GIRL
  • ELF 


Cosmetic 🌎 facebook

Indelath facebook page


Makeup and accessories facebook

Cosmetic candy facebook

Just for girls

I started experimenting and taking Makeup up seriously. When I watched the drama Ishq e Mamnu! The highlighted under eyes and cheekbones made me wanna try it out on my ownself. I remember going to Naheed and asking the ladies there for a lipgloss wand “style” liquid Concealer!!😅 oh man!! Returned home with lightest shade of a small pot powder concealer. 😂 

Anyways it’s how I found out about Highlighting and Contouring initially!!

First item on the list……..

Skincare products are as important as makeup! For a flawless finish your skin shud be clear of all impurities and dead skin. Cleansing daily is a must and my personal favourite is the nivea cleanser…


Moisturise skin before Makeup to hydrate and smoothen texture.


It is kinda like a pre makeup base which helps fill up pores fine lines only till wash your face, of course.😔so that your Foundation applies seamlessly.Important if your event is for longer. Factors to look for when buying one. For large pores and fine lines buy one which has silicone in it. Hydrating one for dry skin, Colour correcting one if you have uneven skin tone it will help neutralise the skin tone. Matifying one if you have very oil skin. They say also check for glycerin in it. The more the it has glycerine the better your makeup will stick to it.(Heard that when nikkietutorials started promoting NIVIEA aftershave balm. I have combination skin oily , with few dry areas with large pores. I prefer using a primer that minimises the appearance of pores and use a matifying makeup setting spray.But I personally don’t wear primer when going out casually.
Color correcting is a very important step for balancing the dark circles pigmentation dullness and acne. 🍏Green [can❌cels] 🍎 redness 🍊orange [corre✅ctors]🌚darkness These are the two most used correctors.

Foundation most important element of your makeup #fakeup. Foundation comes in many forms liquid, mousse,Compact powder. Liquid foundation is important above all. Foundation has two kinds of finish with dewy or Matt. I prefer Matt cause I have very oily cheeks and nose. Compact I use for regular day time makeup.
Concealer should be a perfect match to you foundation but if your are using it got highlight get 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation shade. If you are using it two cover acne or dark spots or dark circles It should be thick in consistency I believe so that with a little application you can get full coverage.
I use Cream and powder both. Highlight & Contour was a game changer for me. Creams first then powder, I am still learning though.
Must have for baking YO!Face👊🏻.translucent loose powder. Melts into your skin adding a layer of colour less coverage without looking cakey , it traps makeup from moving all day.
For heavy coverage! Use a compact powder for setting Your Base.

Eyeshadow primer Must have honestly. Eyeshadow primer is a eyeshadow base which locks 🔐 in eyeshades and help boost pigmentation Making the colour show up vivid. But these things have low self life around 6months invest in small size if you don’t wear eyeshades on a daily base.Either use a white jumbo pencil,concealer or just your foundation. They work fine as well. But you need to get a glitter primer if you like working with glitter ✨ pigments.
Eyeshadow One should have bunch of basic eyeshadow kits in their vanities. Matt eyeshadow (necessity) In shades of black,grey, browns,whites,reds ,mustard and ochers. In a palette or loose. Shimmer eyeshadow (necessity). Whites,pearls,sands,gold and silvers.In a palette or loose. Loose glitter /Foiled eyeshadow (festive) Gold and silver.In a palette or loose. Colourful eyeshadow 🎨 If you like vibrant colours on your eyes I suggest getting only These shades pinks,purples,greens and blues try getting them all in a kit.My favourite is this NUDETUDE the balm palette.

Best thing invented in new age Makeup.After completing your make up before you apply your lashes and lipstick spritz this it will blend all that #fake up into one solid layer.
All these brush set, Have everything from blending to buffing! Must have!!Especially the beauty sponge and the Bh COSMETICS 7pcs Brush Set
Tried and tested best makeup removers! Out there!

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