DIY-Humidifier !! #TriedandTested

Hey 👋…….
I quickly wanted to stop by and post about this very inexpensive diy hack!! For a humidifier!! And it really works…. I have this bag in my room for over two months now and It is the reason how I sleep soundly at night! Without waking up in the middle of night feeling dehydrated, short on breath and anxious!!

Basically during winters, Air gets dry and loses  moisture and people with small or irritated nasal passage! Find themselves waking up at night with a dry itch in their throat and find it difficult to breath! 

I am one of these people! I would wake up around 4 or 5 am in the middle of the night unable to relax and breath through my nose and itchy or uncomfortable breathing through my mouth because my throats would be dry as hell!!!
So my sister told me you need to get a humidifier! And then I remembered somewhere reading about a DIY humidifier!!

With all the random dIYezzz ! Popping up…. I came across one….so… Saw this item list on this one…. and I hit BINGO! On the checklist…..

I mean… the checklist included of just two things… which I happened to have at that very moment!!

A.Big Sponge.

B.Big Plastic Seal Bag

Sooooo.what I had to do was just to wet the sponge…Place it in Plastic seal bag! And poke around 15-20 hole in the bag… and place it somewhere in my bedroom…

And you don’t even need to wet it again….Every night! I almost forget it even there!! 

The moment when you can’t believe it would be this easy…..

I know I should get a proper electrical humidifier!!! But HELLOOOO….

THERE’s nothing wrong with this one… I don’t care to be judged:D

Try it…..

And if this helps you tooo…. 

let me know in the comments section….


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